A N C E S T R A L (ENG, 16.07.23)


We are here thanks to our mother and our father and every single one of our ancestors that came before us.


When we have a look into our family tree, with immense gratitude, understanding everything they've been through so that we can fully enjoy life, we occupy our place, we take the strength that comes from them and we are able to live fulfilling, successful, abundant lives in all areas. 


Connecting with my ancestors has been, without a doubt, the most transformational experience of my life and I want you to have that opportunity as well.


This is why I've created A N C E S T R A L, a powerful group space, so that you can go deep into your family tree, receive the messages that your ancestors have for you and let go of what doesn't belong to you.


Getting to know our transgenerational story is key in fully understanding all of those issues that we are carrying, those patterns that we are repeating, and the invisible loyalties that we have with one or more of our ancestors. This ultimately allows us to step further into our power and live the abundant, magical, full lives that we came here to experience. 


By using Family Constellations, Systemic Movements, EFT/Tapping and Channeling, we can receive that powerful information that has been hidden deep within our family clan. 


A N C E S T R A L, is a powerful in person group workshop, where we will come together so that all the participants can experience a connection with their ancestors. 


The people who will receive a constellation on their issue, will be chosen at the moment, based on what I feel is present in the Field. Even though I can't guarantee that everyone will have an individual constellation, I do promise that every single participant will have a deeply transformational experience, realizations and loving messages from their ancestors.


Our next A N C E S T R A L session is in BARCELONA on Sunday, July 16th from 17.00 until 20.00 hrs in Tandem Studio  (Via Laietana 45, 3-1).


There are limited spots available so if you feel the calling, book yours now. 

$88.00 USD